Although you should be looking at and brushing your pet’s teeth daily…they will eventually, just like humans…need a professional teeth cleaning. Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining the integrity of the teeth, gums and your pet’s overall health. Periodontal disease can lead to heart and kidney disease! Dental cleanings are performed in a dedicated dentistry suite where, while under anesthesia, patients get a thorough review of their oral cavity. The teeth are then hand-scaled and scaled with an ultrasonic cleaning tool. Each tooth is checked individually for any sizeable “pockets” along the gum line which may lead to underlying cavities. Full mouth dental radiographs are taken on every patient. The dental technician then polishes the teeth (just like human dental hygienists) to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque build-up. A fluoride treatment is then applied to help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.