• Puppy must be 8-16 weeks of age.
• Must have 1st Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine.
• Must have a negative fecal analysis or be on a parasite preventive (by a veterinarian) 7 days prior to starting class.
• Should have owned puppy at least one week prior to starting class.

Class Day and Time:

• The class is a 5-week course that will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00PM.
• Class will be conducted once weekly depending on number of puppies in class.

Class Size:

• Our goal is 4-6 puppies per class.


• $110 for the 5 week course. (You will receive a $15 dollar VVS gift card upon completion of the class to use for your puppy!)

Class Topics:

• Socialization Techniques
• Play Biting
• Chewing
• House-training
• Proper Toys to Introduce
• Grooming
• First Aid & Safety
• Jumping
• Natural Behaviors of a Dog
• Parasites/Preventives
• Motivational Techniques
• Spaying/Neutering
• Q & A Sessions
• Handling Exercises
• Junior Obedience

You will receive informative handouts each week, and your pup will be exposed to a variety of objects & experiences. Puppy Pre-School will make life a WHOLE lot easier!!!

For more information or to register, call the VVS office at 724-929-5425.

If you are unable to attend the Puppy Pre-School group session, Holly also offers Private Sessions – Click here for more info.

What This Is:

• One-on-One Puppy Basics is an hour and half long, one-on-one session with our Veterinary Assistant/Puppy Pre-school Instructor, Holly Humphreys.
• This training session is designed for owners of puppies that are too old for our Puppy Pre-School class, but who need some assistance in getting their pup on the right track! This teaching is designed to introduce the novice dog owner (or one who hasn’t had a puppy for a long time!) to the basics of puppy care and training.
• You will receive an extensive packet of information to take home with you.

Age: The puppy must be under 6 months of age.

Day and Time: Sessions are scheduled with instructor and client convenience in mind.

Cost: $90.00 for the 1 ½ hour, one-on-one session with our Puppy Pre-school Instructor.